Algorithms and Datastructures Competition

Write solutions to ROSALIND problems and win!

Event Details

Date: Monday, 28 November to Thursday, 1 December
Register: Email Dan Kortschak at


The Algorithms and Datastructures (Coding) Competition is a challenge for AMSI BioInfoSummer delegates, either as an individual or in teams, to find solutions to a set of ROSALIND bioinformatics problems during the symposium.

The competition starts on Monday, 28 November and solutions must be completed by 5.00pm on Thursday, 1 December.

A $400.00 prize is up for grabs, which will be awarded the entrant with the greatest increase in their problem point score!

Coding Competition

Rules & Eligibility

  1. The entrant may be an individual or a group. Entrants must be registered. A link to register will be provided at BioInfoSummer 2016 or on request to the ‘Judge’.
  2. Only one prize will be given, however, a winning group may share the prize.
  3. The winning entrant will be the entrant with the greatest increase in their problem point score over the period of the AMSI BioInfoSummer 2016 week, subject to meeting the requirements of the rules as determined by the ‘Judge’.
  4. Entrants must submit their starting problem point score to be considered for a prize.
  5. Source code must be provided for each problem, explanatory comments where necessary will be viewed favourably in case of tied points.
  6. Problem entries that make use of complete external implementations or excessive use of calls to bioinformatics libraries will not be counted towards winning points.
  7. Problems solved outside the period of the BioInfoSummer week will not be counted.
  8. Subject to the ROSALIND TOS, entry source will be made available to other entrants at the end of the competition.

The ‘Judge’ can be contacted via email at

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