Workshop: Data visualisation with Python and the Jupyter Notebook


Once upon a time, making plots in Python meant Matplotlib. But things have changed!

There are now a huge number of libraries for visualisation in Python, with all kinds of features – beautiful styling, data-friendly colour schemes, interactivity, specialised plots, online hosting, and more. Is it worth the effort of switching from your current tools? If you are just getting started, where should you start? In this talk we’ll go through some popular options and show what they can do.

I’ll also show how these libraries integrate with the ever-popular Jupyter Notebook, and  how you can create interactive visualisations to explore your data.

Data visualisation with Python and the Jupyter Notebook


Dr Clare Sloggett, Melbourne Bioinformatics, University of Melbourne

Clare began life in computational physics before moving into genomics. She is now a researcher at Melbourne Bioinformatics at the University of Melbourne, with a particular interest in algorithms and in the application of machine learning to genomics.

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