Title Talk: Data driven science in biology: a brief view into the many resources available to help you


Conducting data-driven science requires several key components: the DATA itself (which might be generated by yourself or from a specialist facility – or obtained from a specialist, discipline focussed or general data repository); STORAGE for the data, which is made easily accessible to appropriate TOOLS for the analysis, which have sufficient COMPUTE power to cope with the requirements of the analysis. In addition, ensuring STANDARDS are observed (in data formats, specimen/experiment descriptions and information exchange protocols) makes any analysis more efficient and more likely to be reproducible. Additionally, TRAINING in specialist analysis tools as well as generalist tools and data wrangling techniques is vitally important.

The good news is that if you are working in data-driven research in biology, many established shared International, National, State-based resources across all of these key components exist, and are available for you to use or adopt. In this talk I will give a brief tour of these data-focussed resources that can help to underpin your research.

Jeff Christiansen


Dr Jeff Christiansen, Health & Life Sciences Program Manager, Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation and University of Queensland’s Research Computing Centre

Jeff has multiple roles as the EMBL Australia Bioinformatics Resource Key Area Coordinator, as well as Health & Life Sciences Program Manager at both QCIF (the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation) and the University of Queensland’s Research Computing Centre (RCC).

He has a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Queensland, and started his career conducting research in the fields of cancer, molecular genetics and embryo development in both Australia and the UK, prior to moving into the management of large biological data assets (sequence, images, etc.) through the establishment of EMAGE, a UK-based international database of gene expression and anatomy.

Previously, Jeff has also been based at Intersect Australia in Sydney where he was the National Manager of the RDS-funded med.data.edu.au project and also responsible for a number of biology-focused data and IT-related projects across NSW (biobanking, omics, etc.), as well as in Melbourne at the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), where he was involved in commissioning and monitoring a number of biology/medicine-focused national data management projects.

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