Talk Title: An Introduction to Bioconductor


The Bioconductor project is a community of users and software developers dedicated to the construction of an integrated platform for the statistical analysis of genomic data in R. Bioconductor provides tools for loading, modeling and visualizing different types of data, including sequence alignments, genomic annotations, and assay measurements. The platform defines and interoperates through standard data structures and abstractions that support integrative, reproducible analyses. Bioconductor algorithms and data structures perform efficiently in the face of genome-scale data. This talk will introduce the mission and goals of the Bioconductor project and survey packages and workflows, both established and emerging.

Michael Lawrence


Dr Michael Lawrence, Scientist, Genentech

Michael is a scientist in the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology department at Genentech Research where he leads a group of scientists and engineers who build and maintain a software platform for the exploratory analysis of high-throughput genomic data towards the discovery of basic biology and new drug targets. His research interests include genomic data structures and APIs, genomic data visualization, and bioinformatics methods. Michael is a technical advisor and core contributor to the Bioconductor project, which is a community effort to construct a unified R-based platform for the comprehension of genomic data. He is also associate editor of the R Journal, associate editor of the Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics (JCGS), a member of R core and a member of the R Foundation.

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