Talk Title: Statistics in biology


Statistics as a discipline has a long history of being involved with the biological sciences. Advances in statistical methodology have both aided research and discoveries in biology, and been driven by questions posed by biologists and advances in technology. In this talk I will provide an overview of useful statistical tools and concepts, based on my experience of working with biologists and medical researchers.

Nicola Armstrong


Dr Nicola Armstrong, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics and Statistics, Murdoch University

Dr. Armstrong is a statistical bioinformatician who completed her doctoral studies in Statistics at the University of California, Berkeley. After graduating with her PhD, she spent several years in the Netherlands as a post doc at Eurandom and the Vrije Universiteit before moving to the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam as a senior statistician. On returning to Australia, she worked at the Garvan Institute and the University of Sydney before moving to Murdoch where she is currently a Senior Lecturer in mathematics and statistics. Her research work has centered on the development of statistical methodology and the application of statistics to problems in genetics, genomics and biomedical research.

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