Talk Title: Bioinformatics, the honest trailer


I truly entered the field of Bioinformatics only after finishing my PhD in Biostatistics. My first impressions of the field of Bioinformatics were rather unfavorable. Bioinformatics seemed dominated by mystical abbreviations, larger-than-life egos and small increases in algorithms’ performances celebrated like Grand Prix victories. However, my initial displeasure and disorientation were soon replaced by awe at the immense creativity and the depth of the unknown. I hope to share with the audience the aspects of Bioinformatics that initially drew me in and to this day inspire me. Along the way, I will highlight the skills that are in my opinion necessary to be a successful Bioinformatician. I believe we can also learn from mistakes. So I want to dedicate a portion of this talk to some of my failures and what someone starting in the field might learn from them.

Saskia Freytag


Dr Saskia Freytag, Post Doc Researcher, Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Saskia completed her Masters in Statistical Science at University College London. After finishing she moved back to Germany, where she completed a PhD in Biostatistics in 2014. She then got the opportunity to relocate to Melbourne to work as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melanie Bahlo’s group. Her research focus is methodological development for the analysis of high throughput sequencing data. She is co-founder of R-Ladies and an ambassador for CHOOSEMATHS.

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