Title Talk: Open Science – one goal, many perspectives 


Research practices currently undergo tremendous changes influenced by advances in techniques, new understanding in communication and sharing as well as new definitions of research impact. One major influence is the open science movement. Researchers engaging in open science try to establish the idea of greater openness in research, e.g. proper open formats to be able to share data, proper publication forms that also guarantee quality – open access publications and open peer review – and proper storage of open data and publications to be easy accessible and searchable. Besides positive feedback on more openness from the research community, there are challenges arising with open practices. For example, who is responsible for an open access infrastructure, how can research quality be assured, and what does openness mean for daily research practices?

The talk discusses challenges and pitfalls, when it comes to open up research, but also shows current best practices from the open science community that offer new opportunities for researchers to share their work and facilitate communication and collaboration.

Tamara Heck


 Dr Tamara Heck, Digital Life Lab, University of Southern Queensland

Tamara Heck works in the Digital Life Lab, University of Southern Queensland. Her research interests derive from an Information Science background and include recommendation systems for academics, user perception of virtual agents as well as open science and scholarly communication. She is part of the team behind the Open Science in (Higher) Education Project, conducted as part of the Leibniz Research Alliance Science 2.0. The Project aims to create a common basis for students, researchers, and lecturers to explore open science, whatever their discipline. This includes analysing and defining interdisciplinary educational objectives and skills for each target group. The resulting framework, built in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, will itself be accessible as an open educational resource. In addition, she currently investigates Australian researchers’ perspective and awareness of openness in research and education, interviewing researchers from divers disciplines and backgrounds.

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