• I attended BioInfoSummer in order to take steps towards becoming a bioinformatician which I felt was quite ambitious for a molecular biologist who spends 100% of her time in the lab. The first few talks were fantastic because I felt they eased everyone - statisticians, mathematicians and biologists alike into the world of bioinformatics. The environment provided by BioInfoSummer made me feel as if by the end of the week I'd met almost everyone at the workshop. I was excited to meet and network with PhD students, research assistants, technicians and post docs from all over Australia.

    Pamela Ajuyah
    Pamela Ajuyah University of Technology Sydney
  • Perhaps the most invaluable facet of BioInfoSummer was making lasting connections with other postgraduate students. I met students from other states and institutions and even students from my own city who otherwise I would not have met, and have kept in contact following BioInfoSummer. The AMSI student travel awards available to attend BioInfoSummer meant more students had the opportunity to travel nationally and attend. I am grateful to have received one such award and remain in contact with four other award-winners.

    Shila Ghazanfar
    Shila Ghazanfar University of Sydney
  • When I registered for the BioInfoSummer I expected a lot of bioinformaticians to come but instead it turned out to be diverse group of people including researchers from the biological and also mathematical field. The level of knowledge was very different which posed a challenge in the communication but I enjoyed hearing about projects in totally different fields and it let me think about my own presentation of my research. As a PhD student in the quickly growing field of bioinformatics it is important to stay on top of many fields and BioInfoSummer was a great platform for this. The AMSI Intern presentations were very informative and definitely encouraged me to apply for this program. This is a great opportunity for PhD students to experience the world outside of academia.

    Westa Domanova
    Westa Domanova University of Sydney
  • The atmosphere at BioInfoSummer was great. To be surrounded by people working towards a shared goal reinforces my passion for science. And, as a researcher, it is great to bounce ideas off others trying to bridge the same gap: incorporating informatics into biology.

    Ellen Fortini
    Ellen Fortini Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research
  • In my opinion, BioInfoSummer 2013 was the most successful, not just in the large numbers that came along, but in the reach to different fields of science. It wasn’t just the mathematically-inclined people from universities and research institutes who came along, but others from health, agriculture and other bio-fields”

    Professor Terry Speed
    Professor Terry Speed WEHI
  • The merging of statistics, biology and medicine is the way forward. The way to, hopefully, discover new cures and prevent diseases.

    Dr Ville-Petteri Mäkinen
    Dr Ville-Petteri Mäkinen South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute
  • One of the most useful conferences I’ve been to in a long time. Perfect for what I need.

    Patrick Laffy
    Patrick Laffy
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