Workshop: The integration of analytical workflows and data analytics for metabolomics

Metabolomics and metabolic phenotyping are powerful tools for investigating biochemical phenotypes and disease mechanisms by providing a unique quantitative measure of the interactions between genetic and environmental influences. Analytical instrumentation and chemometrics are the cornerstone of metabolomics research, with mass spectrometry dominating as the platform of choice and producing a wealth of data for interpretation. However, the translational potential of metabolomics data requires that the measurements obtained are true representations of the metabolome at the time of sample collection and not artefacts of the data collection or study design. The highly dynamic metabolome coupled to the sensitivity of instrumentation, and stability of the metabolites for measure, are all defining factors to the quality of data and ultimately of a metabolomics study. This workshop will focus on what influences data quality in metabolomics, with discussion of the key considerations of raw data acquisition by mass spectrometry; and will introduce you to some of the current tools used in international research circles to assess data quality, and which will drive interpretation.

Joel Gummer

Dr Joel P.A. Gummer

Research Fellow
National Head of Analytics Metabolomics Australia
Metabolomics Australia Western Australia Node, Murdoch University.

Dr Joel Gummer specialises in mass spectrometry (MS), and metabolomics and peptidomics applications within systems biology, with 10 years-experience in metabolomics research spanning projects in conservation biology, agriculture and human and animal medicine. Joel specialises in the development of novel mass spectrometry-based methodologies and workflows for the analysis of small molecule metabolites and peptides, to advance the research interests of his collaborators in wide-ranging application. His novel methodologies and analytical workflows in peptide analyses has contributed key data to numerous clinical studies. Joel has a passion for scientific data quality, and in particular the seamless integration of MS-data collection and translation. Joel is Head of Analytics for Metabolomics Australia and Research Fellow with the Separation Science and Metabolomics Research group at Murdoch University, and the Western Australian node of Metabolomics Australia; and is appointed as an Affiliate Academic of the Lee Kong Chian School of medicine at the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU).

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