Workshop: Introduction to Pawsey Cloud

Cloud computing can be an effective, flexible platform for running computational workflows in a variety of science domains. Nimbus, the Cloud service at Pawsey Supercomputing centre, offers Linux virtual machines that are compatible with almost any bioinformatics package, and that permit to run high-throughput pipelines featuring large disk and memory requirements as well as long running times. This workshop will introduce the main features of a typical cloud service, and guide the participants in the setup of a working cloud virtual machine.

Each participant is required to bring their own laptop; the only software requirement is a web browser.

Mark Gray

Mark Gray

Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

Mark has a background in earth science with experience at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and local engagement with the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network and the Integrated Marine Observing system here in Australia. Mr Gray brings a strong research and data management background to his role of managing all aspects of research cloud service at Pawsey Supercomputing Centre.  This includes procurement, deployment, training, user expectation management – and leadership of the team who administer and operate the service.

Mr Gray represents Pawsey Supercomputing Centre both nationally and internationally, with respect to the use of Nimbus and cloud servivces.  He also provides project management skills for projects of key strategic importance to the Centre.

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