Professor Philip Poronnik
Jim Cook
Professor Peter Thorn

Workshop: Biology in the metaverse – a Virtual Reality tour

This workshop is designed to introduce you to the world of biology using immersive VR environments where you can explore biology fundamentals at different scales. You will learn about some interesting techniques in biology and how we generate large amounts of data that requires visualization and interpretation. We will also introduce you to basic VR workflows and how you can easily create your own worlds to tell data stories. The workshop will give you the chance to explore VR worlds, learn some interesting aspects of biology and consider how you might use VR in your future projects.

Key words: basic biology, proteins, cells, virtual reality

Requirements: None – VR headsets and appropriate reading materials will be provided.

Relevance: This is relevant to anyone with an interest in “all things science” who wants to appreciate the wonder and complexity of modern human biology.

Professor Philip Poronnik

Professor of Biomedical Sciences (Educational Strategy), The University of Sydney


Jim Cook

Innovation Lead, ICT Techlab, The University of Sydney


Professor Peter Thorn

Chair in Molecular and Cellular Physiology, The University of Sydney