Dr Lorena Pantano

How to develop a good pipeline and share it with the world

During this talk I will share the experience I acquired during the past 10 years of developing bioinformatics pipelines and packages for the community. I will explain the best practices to keep your code clean, how to fix bugs, how to document and how to create a community around your package. I will show different tools that should be used to help to follow the best practices of this task. And finally, I will introduce you to the best projects to participate collaboratively, how to learn from very experienced people, and how to create your network of developers internationally.

Dr Lorena Pantano

Head of Computational Biology, NextRNA Therapeutics

Lorena Pantano has a bachelor in Biochemistry by the University of Granada, Spain. She finished her PhD in 2011 by the University of Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain. Her work focused on the development of open-source software for the characterization of small RNA molecules in mental health diseases. After a few more years as post-doctoral fellow, she moved to Boston to the Harvard School of Public Health to be part of the bioinformatic core where she collaborated with multiple research groups to analyze high-throughput data from different technologies. She moved to biotech in 2019 accumulating experience in the development of bioinformatics method for the target discovery platforms. Right now, she is the head of computational biology at NextRNA Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA, where she focused on the discovery of non-coding RNA interacting with proteins in different diseases. Overall, her experience focuses on genomic regulation and data integration using the most well-established tools and contributing to novel algorithms to improve the quantification and visualization of genomic data.

Twitter: @lopantano