Monday 3 December1330-1445 & 1515-1700Introduction to Pawsey CloudMark Gray
Pawsey Supercomputing Centre
Introduction to RDr Alethea Rea
The University of Western Australia
Tuesday 4 December1330-1500 & 1530-1700Statistical analysis and comprehension of single cell RNA-sequencing data in R/BioconductorAssistant Professor Stephanie Hicks
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health
Introduction to RNA-Seq with the Kallisto and Sleuth workflowsMr Jason Williams
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, DNA Learning Center
Wednesday 5 December1330-1500 & 1530-1700TBAAssociate Professor Torsten Seemann
The University of Melbourne
Building a Registry of Candidate cis-Regulatory Elements for Human and MouseProfessor Zhiping Weng
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Thursday 6 December1330-1500 & 1530-1700Integrative analysis of epigenomic dynamics at regulatory elementsAssistant Professor Simon van Herringen
Radboud University
scMergeDr Shila Ghazanfar
The University of Sydney
Friday 7 December1145-1315Predicting kinase activity from phospho-proteomics data with KinSwingRDr Ashley Waardenberg
Australian Tropical Health and Medicine, James Cook University
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