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The BioInfoSummer series introduces bioinformatics and mathematical and computational biology to advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and professionals working in the fields of mathematics, statistics, computer science, information technology, complex systems analysis, and biological, chemical and medical sciences and engineering. 

Established in 2003, BioInfoSummer is a key training event in Australia, bringing together people form all disciplines to share current research and developments in Bioinformatics. Join us for a week of specialised workshops, computer and wet labs, practicals, public events and lectures, and the Women in STEM event. 

Bioinformatics is an exciting and constantly evolving field that offers researchers and students a wide breadth of opportunities. With AMSI’s BioInfoSummer, you have the opportunity to be involved at every level; from hands-on introductory levels for beginners, to specialist lectures from some of Australia’s top scientists and academics.


Bioinformatics is an exciting discipline analysing and simulating both the structures and processes of biological systems

Biological experiments can generate large amounts of data, bioinformatics is about acquiring, managing, analysing and understanding that data, it is a truly interdisciplinary field that uses mathematics, statistics and information technology to analyse large and complex biological datasets. 

In the workplace, an effective bioinformatics strategy prevents research organisations from drowning in their data and enables them to extract valuable information from it. 

Bioinformatics plays a crucial role in our understanding of genes and cellular structure. In health and medical fields, bioinformatics enables advances in areas such as: drug discovery; diagnostics; disease management. Bioinformatics is also important in agriculture allowing the identification of unique adaptations, desirable properties and differences between populations. 

For more information about bioinformatics, you can also view an CSIRO-produced video, titled ‘What is Bioinformatics?’ by clicking here.

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