Since it began in 2003, this conference has brought many of the nation’s brightest minds to share emerging research and developments in bioinformatics while also providing a valuable forum for networking and connection, critical for future collaboration and innovation.”

The Honourable Dan Tehan MP, Former Minister for Education

BioInfoSummer – Past, Present, Future

Bioinformatics is a constantly evolving field analysing and simulating both the structures and processes of biological systems. Since its first iteration in 2003, AMSI BioInfoSummer has brought together people from all disciplines to share current research and developments in bioinformatics.

AMSI BioInfoSummer is aimed at advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers, and professionals working in the fields of mathematics, statistics, data science, complex systems analysis, engineering and biological, chemical and medical sciences.

Melbourne Integrative Genomics will host AMSI BioInfoSummer 2022 at The University of Melbourne, Parkville. Attendees will participate over the four-day program to develop their bioinformatics skills, national networks and employability.

The themes of the 2022 conference are:

  • High-resolution biology
  • Genome architecture
  • Whole-cell modelling
  • Populations

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AMSI BioInfoSummer is a cross-disciplinary event providing a rare opportunity to engage with high achieving students and researchers, network with global experts, and open doors to prospective team members.

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