BioInfoSummer 2016 brings together prominent speakers from a variety of disciplines to share current research and developments in Bioinformatics.
AMSI and the University of Adelaide are pleased to announce the following speakers will feature at the 2016 event (subject to change):

 Note: For more information about each speaker and their talk at BioInfoSummer, please click through the link on the respective speaker’s name.

Associate Professor Orly AlterThe University of UtahCancer Diagnostics and Prognostics from Comparative Spectral Decompositions of Patient-Matched Genomic Profiles
Dr Simon AndersInstitute for Molecular Medicine FinlandExploration of big multi-omics data sets, and comparative analysis beyond DESeq2
Dr Jason ChinPacific Biosciences Recent Progress in Long-read Genome Assembly: Theory, Practice and Future Challenges
Dr Thomas ConwayIBM Research AustraliaWhy I love k-mers, and why you should too
Dr Melissa DavisThe University of MelbourneAnalysis and visualisation of high-dimensional data using molecular networks
Dr Richard EdwardsThe University of New South WalesThe SMRT way to sequence a genome: Adventures in PacBio sequencing
Dr Philippa GriffinVictorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative (VLSCI)Closing Lecture - EMBL Australia Bioinformatics Resource (EMBL-ABR)
Associate Professor Mingyao LiUniversity of PennsylvaniaStatistical issues in single-cell RNA sequencing analysis
Dr Denis O'MeallyUniversity of the Sunshine CoastSequencing the koala genome with long reads
Dr Katherine PillmanThe University of South AustraliaAlternative splicing: One cell’s trash is another’s treasure
Associate Professor Torsten SeemannThe University of MelbourneHow to write bioinformatics software that people will use and cite
Professor Gordon SmythThe Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchStatistical analysis of RNA-seq Data: From reads to genes to pathways
Professor Terry SpeedThe Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchCodes, genetics and the genetic code
Associate Professor Xia YangUniversity of California, Los AngelesElucidating Gene Networks of Cardiometabolic Diseases via Systems Genomics
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