BioInfoSummer 2012 Wrap Up

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BioInfoSummer is a major annual bioinformatics educational and outreach event in Australia, bringing together in excess of 150 biologists, statisticians and bioinformatics professionals.

The 2012 program covered state-of-the-art technologies used in medical and biological research and also taught the fundamentals of data analysis.


Many prominent researcher, both national and international gave lectures at the 2012 BioInfoSummer.

Speakers included:

  • Dr. Conrad Burden, The Australian National University
  • Dr. Karl Clauser, The Broad Institute
  • Dr. Martin Frith Computational Biology Research Centre, AIST, Japan
  • Dr. Suhita Nadkarni, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research
  • Associate Professor Gavin Huttley, Australian National University
  • Dr Jason Roberts, Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory
  • Professor Fuli Yu, Baylor College of Medicine
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